Nasim al-Wasl The Zephyr of Being There

A Hadra Manual of the Shadhili Order

This classic compendium brings together near three hundred Arabic poems of Islamic spirituality. Penned by some of the greatest Sufi masters, like Abu Madyan and Ahmad al-ʿAlawi, these qasidas or odes celebrate the enduring love of the Divine. Rich in symbol and metaphor, they distil the epiphanies of a lifetime’s wayfaring and offer spiritual intuitions to hearts polished by the remembrance of Allah.

Exquisitely designed and produced, the anthology is small enough to sit open in the palm of your hand, making it a timeless companion for those wanting to enrich their spiritual lives.

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Audio Library

With over 25 hours of material, this website serves as an audio companion to Nasim al-wasl, and is home to over 800 dedicated and historically sourced recordings—ready now, for you to learn, sing, and enjoy.

Qasidas have primary recordings, various renditions, and alternative melodies. View some samples below:

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Additional Resources

Through regular updates straight to your inbox, you can look forward to a wealth of resources to enrich your experience with this living tradition. They will include:

  • Recordings of traditional, public dhikrs in the Levant, ranging from the 1950s to the present day
  • Audio lessons and suggested medleys for singers
  • English translations of the poems
  • Biographies of the Sufi poets
  • Historical sketches of the source audio material